Monthly Archives: September 2016

Phi Phi was amazing!

This blog post is going to be short. All we did was have a crazy time partying and drinking on Koh Phi Phi! Buckets on buckets! Booze cruisin! Snorkling! Maya Bay! Monkey Island! Wooo! Just kidding. We did not have a good time here. We do not want to talk about it. We got food […]

Princess Resort of Railay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry. Things were busy and we were moving around a lot. But now Chelsea has left me and I’m traveling solo-dolo. You will be missed Chels! This means I have more alone time (not in a sad way though). So I suppose I should do some catching up. […]

Chiang Mai: Rnd 1

I turned 24 in the 2nd class sleeper car of a train headed from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Just how I drew it up. At first glance, the setup is a little unusual. The seats fold into the lower bed and a top bunk pulls down from above. It was a 13hr ride, most of […]

Arriving in Bangkok

Honestly, I should have looked up the weather in the South Pacific before I took off. I’ll take the blame for that one. My bad. Was not aware Typhoon Merantis was going to be smashing into Taiwan during the only 4 hour stretch in my lifetime I needed to be in that f’n country. Good […]